Pumpkin ice cream is in the stores! Thanks to a daughter who works at a local ice cream stand, we have pumpkin pecan and pumpkin cheesecake samples in our freezer. Neither are quite as good as the pumpkin ice cream from another store in the area, though, so in a few days I'll make the trek out to buy my yearly quart. This, piled and smashed between ginger snap cookies, is a taste that's guaranteed to bring a smile.

I'm back into "Quality Life" thinking. (There's a page on the blog that has some preliminary thoughts on this concept.) Quality life reminds me that my body as well as my mind likes reasons to be joyful! We're given five senses and they each yearn to be fed with good things. Tasting, touching, smelling, seeing, hearing - five different doors can take in positive energy, resulting in increased well-being. So I'm newly inspired to go through my recipes and think carefully about my grocery list, so that along with nutrition and lack of toxins, I'm indulging my sense of taste and smell. I've started yoga, and some other relaxation techniques to help my tired muscles stretch and rejuvenate. And I'm remembering to turn on music more often, different styles for different moods. (Differing energies depending on what I need most).

There are lots of good blogs and websites out there that encourage us to treat our bodies well. Zest for Life Today is written by the Chloe Lauer (the daughter of a friend) who is a health and lifestyle coach. You can also follow her on Facebook, where she encourages healthy eating and positive thinking. I'll be making an effort to devote Tuesdays to healthy bodies - good recipes and such - so feel free to send yours along and I'll post them. And if you have any other sites that you've found helpful, I can mention those too.

A friend told me this weekend that she's focusing on loving her body, choosing  to give it positive energy through how she thinks and the choices she makes. It sounded a little weird at first, but I think she's really on to something. Our bodies are our best gift, and deserve our attention. To ignore them only hurts ourselves, and keeps us from experiencing the joy they were created to give.