Yesterday Dan and I were talking about the dangers of putting weight on things that aren't robust enough to hold it. Metaphorically, that is. The idea of looking to your job to give you 90% of life fulfillment, for instance, rather than 40%, and then counting on relationships, hobbies, spiritual experiences, etc to make up the rest of the 60%. If you approach life this way, it means that life is more of a treasure hunt than a board game, and your desires are clues to where the treasures can be found.

It makes sense that since we're wired differently we will find what brings us joy in different places. The trouble, as mentioned above, is that we may be looking in the wrong direction, or expecting that God will meet us always at the same place. Take church, for instance. As I headed into this morning's service, I was expecting to connect to God through the worship. But although it was well done, for some reason the songs seemed dry. My singing (not those around me) became half-hearted and my mind started to wander. When that happens, it's easy for me to get discouraged, and then to tune out. But for some reason, I didn't. Instead I started to hunt. What is there in this place and time that will bring me joy? I stopped singing, and started really listening to the brass players-three trumpets and a trombone, who were having themselves a fine time.

From mariachi punch to ascending chords, this group of men and women were doing it all and doing it with a lot of panache. I couldn't help but smile. Ah ha!! and then I knew I'd hit pay dirt. As my soul drank in the splendor of the harmonies, and the brilliance of the tone, I felt refreshed. God had shown up, just not where I expected Him to be. 

The earth is filled with the glory of God, the energy of God, the love and power of God. And God desires to pour that love, that energy, that power and glory into each of us. The ways He has of filling us are as endless as our needs to refuel. As a book by Eugene Peterson is entitled, "Christ Plays in 1,000 Places." God is rarely silent. It's my challenge to discover what gig He has today, then pull up a seat and lean into the music.