When you're disoriented, you are truly on a different plane of reality. This morning, my brain as foggy as the Pennsylvania morning (due mostly to the early hour) I pulled my car out of my friend's driveway and turned left. I was taking her to the train station, but we were going to stop at McDonald's first to grab some coffee. My friend looked at me and said, "How are you getting to McDonald's?" I thought it was an odd question. Wasn't it obvious? I was going north up Gettysburg and then left on Market? 

Escept that I hadn't taken the right to get out of the driveway to then get to the left I thought I was already on. We argued for about a minute, and then since we were leaving from her house, I decided to do it her way and turn around. Once I was headed in the right direction, i noticed my mistake immediately. Talk about a 180! She chuckled and said, "I'm glad I mentioned it. Who knows where we would have ended up?"

Glad for friends that speak up. And glad that I decided to listen.

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