Over the past few days I've been playing with contacts and glasses a little more than usual. Not only do I have my graduated lenses (complete with clip-on shades I picked up at Walmart), but I also have several combinations I can choose with my contacts. This depends on whether  I want to see really well in distance (helpful with the sign part of driving, but not the map part), or go with the monovision thing, which allows me both, although each are a tad blurry. Contacts also necessitate my other sunglasses (recently purchased at Daffy Doug's Discount Center after having left my first pair in Key West...) 

This morning, I chose the monovision, since I wasn't going to be driving, and we were attending an Anglican church, which would require attention to the liturgy. As we settled into worship, I realized how wonderful it was to focus on one thing. Instead of turning my gaze on my husband, then God, then myself, maybe others, back to myself, then God, I could set my sights on God alone. As the praise team led us in worship, I rested in the vision of a God who's worthy of all my attention.  

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