This past weekend, I was in DC visiting some old friends. It was a truly delightful time, including lunch in Bethesda, sightseeing in Georgetown and a late summer dip in a friend's pool. Lots to enjoy, for sure!

On the way home, I happened to catch a live performance of the National Symphony Orchestra featuring the new Maestro Chrisoph Eschenbach directing the Gala Opening Concert of the season. You could tell the audience was in a state of great anticipation - would there be magic between the orchestra and thier new conductor? By the sound of the applause after the first number, they seemed to be well-satisfied. During the intermission, one of WETA's staff interviewed several people backstage; the question on his mind: What do you think of the new conductor? Renee Fleming, a renowned soprano, spoke in glowing terms of a friendship with Christoph and his mentoring role at the beginning of her career. The CEO of the Orchestra spoke of the maestro's ability to combine a musicality that sprang not only from the head but also from the heart. But my favorite comment came from the double bass player.  "Eschenbach", he said, "directs from a heart of peace. All else springs from that."

While I don't know what that might mean for Christoph Eschenbach, I can imagine what it might look like in my life. To be at a place of peace means that I am free from conflict, I am content in myself and in my surroundings. I have a faith in the situations I find myself in, faith that I will have enough, that I will BE enough to live out of love. To be at peace means that I have nothing to prove, no voices to silence, that I am free to live as the moment requires. To listen, to speak, to do, to reflect - that my mind is quiet of static and able to hear the prompting of the Spirit. It's a worthy goal, I think - to seek peace and pursue it. And I have a hopeful expectation that living in this way will result in some marvelous melodies and harmonies in the world around me.

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