I must admit that I find checklists helpful. Especially when it comes to helping me reflect on how I'm living. As you might imagine, from someone who decided to start a website entitled "Let's Choose Joy," I'm pretty intentional about making choices that lead to a more healthy, integrated, joyful life.

Of course, the downside of being intentional is that you can become way too serious, unless you're intentional about not being serious, which is where checklists come in handy. Here's my latest attempt at seeking balance.

Be intentional about healing.
Whether it's emotional health or physical health, I still have areas that are in deficit mode. I don't assume that I'm as healthy as I can be, so I keep an eye out for twinges. Although I don't look for problems, I'm open to things that naturally appear.

Keep growing.
There are so many ways to grow, things to learn, skills to acquire, aspects of life to appreciate. Growing, unlike healing, doesn't start from a deficit. It may start from zero, but hangs out in the positive zone, and makes life lots more textured and interesting.

Don't forget to fill up.
Here's the part where having fun makes it to the list. I need to do things that have no obvious positive result - just fun for the sake of fun. I've finally found a music buddy, so last Sunday we grabbed 10.00 seats and took in an amazing concert by our local symphony. Hummed all the way home. Especially important is to know (and remember) those things that are pure joy to me.

While the other three categories focus on myself in appropriate ways, I remind myself of the joy that comes through giving to those around me. Whatever stage I am in I can always give. Even the gift of companionship is enough on a day I feel like I'm worn out. Or perhaps I can give others the opportunity to give to me. (The Golden Rule in Reverse).

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