Ever since I was introduced to the Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator (I got my certification about 6 years ago), I've been intrigued by the idea of grouping people into different "types." So when I came across the concept of body types (doshas), based on the Indian Ayurvedic system of health, I was intrigued. Although I don't have much knowledge about Ayurvedic medicine, I do think it is interesting to consider that different body types may have susceptibilities to different diseases, may react to stress in different ways, and can benefit from specific diets and health practices.

When looking looking into the dietary restrictions for the vatta dosha, for instance, I noticed that it involved eliminating some of the same foods that are suggested in studies I've read on Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Based on connections with anxiety in both the vatta constitution and contracting IBS, this diet seems to make some sense.

As with many ancient types of medicine, Ayurveda could probably benefit from the cutting edge of modern scientific research. I wish more time and energy was given to understanding alternative medicines, which focus more on preventing poor health, than in developng new drugs to cure poor health.  And I find the idea that we may have different energy levels and mindbody interactions compelling. It makes sense of why what may be extremely helpful in one situation, could be perhaps even harmful in another.

Anyway, as my indigestion has been off for the past several months, I'm experimenting whether changing my diet based on my dosha will be helpful. If nothing else, it's encouraging me to slow down, notice what I eat and how I feel when I eat it. If you're interested in some exploring yourself, I started at this link at the Dr. Oz website. I also found this blog post by Dr. Lissa Rankin at her website called OwningPink. If you have any interesting info or stories, pass them along!

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