Over these past few weeks, I've been pondering what it would look like to ground myself daily. The idea is to consciously consider what it is that will positively anchor me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. These practices can become an established routine, or I may arrange them in the form of a buffet, picking and choosing elements that work according to the day. The important thing is to start my day strong and positive.

When I choose to do yoga, for instance, I consciously anchor my mind into my body, and my body into a quiet, calm pattern of breath. This serves as a "return to" point during the day when I find myself starting to rush.  Days that begin with this practice allow my mind to start fresh, instead of whizzing around the moment I rise from my bed. A nutritious breakfast that includes protein is another thing that grounds my body and mind, making sure I'm not running on a deficit.

Grounding myself emotionally and/or spiritually may include inspirational reading or music. Often a walk will allow me to get a sense of where I am heading, or a truth I need to focus on. Reminding myself to be grateful and looking for good things right away gets my emotions churning on something positive as the day begins.

I'm still experimenting with what works for me. I'd like to have some fundamentals (like my back yoga DVD and my egg, spinach and cheese omelet) that I know I can count on. And I'm trying to develop some good alternatives that I can change out to keep it fresh.

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