I was doing some research this morning on potatoes, my mother-in-law having mentioned recently that they contain a significant amount of Vitamin C. In the process I came upon an excellent resource for nutritional information here. If you're curious to know the protein, mineral or vitamin content of a fruit, vegetable, grain or nut, these nutrient charts posted on chiropractor Dr. Decuypere's website will give you that information in an easy to read format.

I discovered that potatoes do indeed have Vitamin C, about 25% of the daily requirement (if you keep the skins on), and more potassium than a banana. I was surprised to see that nutritionally they beat out brown rice. That's, of course, without the sour cream, butter and other yummy additions!

We often bake extra potatoes in the oven and then refry them in olive oil (I know this is good for me!) and a little seasoned salt. Now I can enjoy the taste while feeling good about the nutrition. Win - win!

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