"At the same time our lord showed to me a ghostly sight of his homely loving. I saw that he is to us everything that is good and comfortable for us. He is our clothing, that for love wraps round us, enfolding us and embracing us all around for tender love, so that he may never leave us, being to us everything that is good, as I understand it." (Fifth Chapter)

Last night found me in the thick of a conversation about philosophy and theology with new friends. They were interested in some thoughts I'd been having about "energy management," the idea that we could live our lives better if we were aware not only of how our own energies were stoked and depleted, but also developed a sensitivity to the movement of energy around us. Like a good game of tennis (which they had come to the Palm Springs area to watch) the ball flew back and forth from person to person, as I tried to come up with good ways to describe what I was thinking, and they added personal insights and clarifying questions. As our conversation drew to a close, someone said, "I wonder if we're talking about becoming more in touch with God's Spirit."

This morning, as I mused on the above passage from the Revelation of Love, I was caught by the phrase "that for love wraps round us." Remembering the conversation of the previous night, I thought, "I don't want my relationship with God just to be about theory, interesting as it is. I want to experience God's love, not just talk about it." So I closed my eyes, and tried to focus on God and His love.

I sat in silence. I sat and waited. And was met with silence. And reminded myself that although God may speak to an inner sense, for many of us, including myself, this is not how the love of God is communicated. I rose from my chair, standing in the middle of my friend's living room, looking out at the desert. Behind this home, a gift of grace in a time of need, stands the love of God. The sun shines, bringing its warmth and energy. Here is the love of God. The eggs are frying in the pan, I open an email from a friend. The love of God to body and heart. The love of God bringing strength and connection. The energies of God coursing through the universe.

"I saw that he is to us everything that is good and comfortable for us." says Julian. She repeats herself for emphasis. "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights," echoes James in his epistle. God's love flows through and in all good things to ever enfold and strengthen us. It streams from his heart to fill us with all we need. Like a radio signal that broadcasts on all frequencies, God's love blankets the earth. It may reach me through a different channel than it reaches you, but it's available for us all.

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