I realized this morning that a lot of what I've been learning has to do with living responsibly out of a right brain dominance. This has been a bit new to me, since as an analytical person (Myers-Briggs Intuitive Thinker) I have usually moved quite cheerfully back and forth from the right to left brain. But if I lean into my intuition, it means leaning into a different way of living, one that is less linear, less time-driven and more integrated.

It means that I have to give up some arbitrary deadlines, which were helpful for a while, and trust that "going with the flow" or following the energies that I have any given day will produce the fruit appropriate to the day. Hence, the absence on the blog. While I was disciplining myself to write more, a deadline or goal was appropriate. But lately I've had to trust that other things have been more important to do, and so not berate myself for not being more disciplined to write.

I am looking forward to exploring this idea more in the days to come, will probably get back to Julian of Norwich, and some other mystics. Also, I would like to explore archetypes over the summer, having a renewed interest in the work of Carl Jung. 

Looking forward to our summer conversations.

6/5/2011 08:00:05 pm

I'm also going to be meditating some on Jung this summer, Sue. Maybe we can share ideas.


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