Wheatfield with Mountains in the Background by Vincent Van Gogh

Returning from a walk the other day, I found myself drinking in the sky - that clear blue crisp sky that caps an autumn day. You're lovely! I thought. And a song I can't remember now went through my mind. Nature moves me. Even when it's getting colder out, and I'm tempted to stay inside rather than venture into the brisk air, I know there is something out there waiting and wanting to grab my shoulders and twirl me around with joy.

Uvavnuk (Iglulik Eskimo woman)

The great sea stirs me.
The great sea sets me adrift,
it sways me like the weed
on a river-stone.

The sky's height stirs me.
The strong wind blows through my mind.
It carries me with it,
so I shake with joy.

translated by Tom Lowenstein
Poetry for the Earth

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