Last week I was driving through upstate New York with my husband, Dan, when I passed a house that was, well, pretty much ugly. At least according to my aesthetic standards. It appeared that someone had decided to add an addition and then without much consultation with an architect or even a book on design, just "done it". The result, though perhaps functional, was hard on my eyes.

It made me wonder about the things that we create while we're learning. Our attempts at growth, at experimentation may produce some pretty ghastly results. I, for one, would love to scrap (and not with Precious Moments either) much of whatI've done in the past and forget that I ever tried it. Sort of like the haircuts that I've had along the way. In retrospect, they may for a pretty hilarious evening's entertainment (once a church did a slide show that included about six different shots of me at different times with accompanying changes of hairstyle). Pretty funny, but then again, it would be fine with me if they'd all gone missing along the way.

But one of the values I drew up for myself a few years ago was "grace for learning." And I can imagine that like museums find valuable the sketches that go into creating works of art, God is happy to keep the efforts I've made along the way in His scrapbook. They remind Him of the fact that I'm working out my salvation, learning as I go, growing in my knowledge of what the life that He loves looks like.

10/23/2010 09:32:43 pm

Isn't it great how often those early efforts (and even some--most?--'mistakes') provide raw material for the next attempt? And how things rarely get better without practice? 'Grace for learning' is such a terrific concept!


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