This has been a challenging week. In seeking to discern the Spirit's guidance, the Lord has led through a definite lack of peace, stomach in knots, feelings of unease, which have made me stop and think - what's going on? What should I do next? Did I do something wrong or is it just that I need to pay attention? Now that things are finally calming down, I find myself asking - can the Lord get my attention through a little flashing red light next go around, and not my gut?

Making a decision in the midst of unease is difficult, believing that you can sort through it and get to a sense of peace seemed ridiculous at times, but it happened for the most part. Except for the period of a few days where I was asked to be uncomfortable. Lack of comfort is different than lack of peace. There are many reasons to be uncomfortable, a new situation, a new setting, lack of understanding, being stretched. Waiting for something to be clarified that is out of your control.

Lately I've been telling a friend, discomfort does not mean there is something wrong, it just means you feel uncomfortable. Don't be afraid to sit in it, give yourself permission to grow and learn. Eventually peace will enter, if you wait with expectation and openness.

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