A fresh year beckons, offering unending possibilites. Not much is sure, but there is a peaceful calm as I wait for what's next.

Over the past few years, the phrase "and what we will become has not yet been revealed" has been slipping in and out of my consciousness. Yesterday while I was sitting at the breakfast table, I leaned into this idea of waiting. This poem starts with the experience of pregnancy and then moves to the universal experience of living in the season of expectancy.


And what we will become has not yet been revealed.
I John 3:2

Three times before, three times the nine,
The ancient rite enveloped me.
I grew into discomfort while
I nursed the joy. I hummed with hope-
Embraced anticipation’s end-
And fixed my sights on flesh-shared life,
The labor’s culminating love.

But this gestation is unknown;
When did conception’s seed take root?
I’m discomfited by the silence,
Feel the lack of outward change.
I don’t know what I’m looking for.
Have the thrusting pains begun?
And what is waiting to emerge,
To gasp and breathe the unrestricted air?

The revelation is withheld,
I have no clarity of thought.
Only the whispered oracles
In languages that spirit comprehends.
My mind is in the dark-the eye
Has closed in rest, has learned to trust,
Is cradled now in deep, familiar,
Mystery of sacred womb.
1/1/2011 02:23:44 am

"only the whispered oracles in languages that spirit comprehends" -- nicely put! Yes, we await something wonderful.

1/2/2011 09:13:42 am

Dearest Susan,

I must tell you I think your poem is beautiful, absolutely lovely. I love the mix of the “heightened speech” –the suggestion of the mystical---(discomfited by silence, to grasp and breathe the unrestricted air---I love that) with the vulnerable, real, human voice (I don’t know what I’m looking for) that so perfectly reflect the human apprehension of (or search for) the divine.


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