My original thought for this post will take longer than I have this morning, so I'll put it on the back burner until next week. Instead, I'll mention that sweet potato fries are an awesome addition to your healthy eating habits. Sweet potatoes not only are sweet, and full of comforting carbs, but they also have a good glycemic index, which means that your body doesn't jump to producing insulin when digesting them. Plus, fall seems like the perfect time to be eating orange vegetables!

To make sweet potato fries, peel yams or sweet potatoes. Cut into long strips. I've found that cutting the potato in half, placing it on the cut side and then cutting into sections works well, especially with longer yams. Toss with olive oil, place on a baking sheet, sprinkle with salt and put in an oven at 375 degrees for 45-60 minutes. Turn once or twice to make sure they brown evenly.

This morning, while bemoaning the fact that I was trying to cut out caffeine (which includes my dark chocolate) I remembered that I had some left over fries in the fridge. They made a perfect (and easy) snack, without any residual guilt. Enjoy!

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