We're making our way across Florida, just south of Lake Okeechobee. Dan needed to do some business online, so we pulled into a McDonald's that advertised wi-fi in Clewiston. Following the lead of our trusty GPS, we've passed orange groves and some sugar cane on the way, althoug I think we're missing the everglades.The GPS system, which came with the rental car, has been right on the dot with time and directions; I can see why people fall in love with them!

Last night we visited a Bible Study with Dan's folks and spent the evening musing our way through Romans 8. Life in the Spirit is one of Paul's foci, so this morning I had asked how it was that those around the table noticed the Spirit's nudge. Given our different personality types, ages, and backgrounds, I thought that the answers might be different.

At some point in the conversation, I mentioned that we were trying to focus on peace. Keeping the peace, staying at peace, living in peace-which can sometimes be a challenge when you're on the road with a spouse. Still, we had gotten a good start a few weeks ago on vacation, and were trying to lean into a new skill. Dan picked up the conversation, and as he was talking, the image of a beacon, or a strong gravitational source came to mind.

I like the idea that peace can "pull you in" or pull you along. Maybe it's just a matter of dialing it into our GPS system as a destination that's important enough to chart our day.
Cathleen Lauer
1/26/2011 07:53:39 am

Yes, I agree. Peace as substantial, not only a mental choice but one that brings fresh energy, not too different from your story about the pelicans. Peace is one part of Life, joyful leadership another perhaps.


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