Summer Rain by Beata Sasik

Shower the people you love with love, tell them the way that you feel,
Things are gonna be much better if you only will,
Shower the people you love with love...
James Taylor

I woke in the night and smiled to hear the sound of rain against the leaves outside our window. Like many others we are feeling the effects of hot weather with little precipitation. Grass is dying, and the flowers need constant attention. But with the nighttime showers, the morning has dawned fresh and cool, and I'm eager to get out into the garden and into the soil, now soft and easy to plant and weed.

Earlier last evening there was another shower; gentle, nourishing words around a birthday Dove bar. Thoughtful expressions of love that made me smile; I could feel my roots sinking just a bit deeper into who I am and who I want to be.

Shower the People You Love With Love by James Taylor has always been a favorite, and interestingly enough, the lyrics were playing in my head when my eyes opened in the morning. We can pray for rain to save the parched land, and it may or may not come. But bringing refreshment to those we come into contact with is only a smile, a word, a gesture away - if we only will.

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