I love it when people use creativity to help me learn, especially about my brain. Here's an example of what I mean, a delightful way of understanding the differences between the two hemispheres of our brain and why we need to value and understand each appropriately. I'll definitely be checking out more presentations by RSA Animate, which is part of the UK based Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.
1/6/2012 02:18:08 am

Yes, a delightful way of understanding the differences between the two hemispheres of our brain. Now I need to talk about how this is different from the way I had been thinking about the two hemispheres and I am left wondering his ending different from his beginning?

1/6/2012 05:20:54 am

It would be a fun conversation! I think part of the difference is that previously it was thought that certain things, like language, for instance, only were part of one side of the brain. My guess, although I haven't specifically seen this anywhere, is that language functions differently in the different hemispheres. I would expect that metaphorical language would be more easily accessed for the right brain and analytical language in the left. But that's just my own deduction.


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