I just finished an article on a website called "Big Think." You can check it out on the link below. The post talks about the "obsessions" of innovators. Some idea or concept that they can't let go. Eventually this obsession moves from their own private concern out into the public arena. The piece includes an interview with Malcolm Gladwell (author of "TheTipping Point" and "Outliers") talking about Nassim Taleb, a wall street "oracle" whose philosophy on disaster helped him do extremely well during the recent financial crash. Taleb grew up in Lebanon, where his life exposed him to multiple disasters, political as well as personal (contracting a rare form of cancer while young.) What Taleb learned from this, is that disaster is not as rare as some people might think. In fact, it might happen at any moment. That was his experience, what he knew, that is what he built his hedge fund around, and that is what caused him to succeed when disaster did indeed strike.

So my question is: what do I know to be true? And do I return to it again and again, making it the basic obsession of my life, the point from which I do my work, set my strategies, look for opportunities?


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