After a wonderful stay in Virginia Beach, today we're heading to Atlanta to visit some old college friends. Just a few days ago, Georgia was inundated by 8 inches of snow, a bit of a wintry surprise. The roads are clear now, however, and although there are a few patches of ice in the parking lot of our hotel, it looks as if most of the white stuff has melted.

In honor of thaws, and in the spirit of Sunday praise, I've posted a link to a wonderful poem written by Luci Shaw, whom we also met during college. Luci's many collections of poetry (check her out on Amazon) are full of pieces that are beautifully and masterfully crafted. This poem is published in a magazine called "Image," a journal that "explores Faith, Art and Mystery". It's also possible to subscribe to their ImpageUpdate which highlights different artists each month. 

January thaw

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